イクメンパパたちの華麗なる子育て裏技7選 「バナナで哺乳瓶を...」

2017年05月21日 16時12分 JST | 更新 2017年05月21日 16時12分 JST
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#dadhacks #shitonlydadsdo

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#dadhacks and stoked on the #nobadvibes pin @deadringersftw and @dredaycv

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Daddy day care. Twins are fast asleep!! #dadhacks 👌🏼No babies were harmed in the making of this boomerang 😂

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Genius doesn't even begin to explain this. 😀👏 #dadhacks ----------------------------------- 📷: @menshumor

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DADHACK - BIN WALKER Wanna help your kid with their walking but don't wanna fork out for yet ANOTHER baby gadget they'll only use for 2 weeks before relegating it to the garage, watching it collect dust for 10 years, consider selling at a car boot a dozen times and then finally chucking it in a neighbours skip in the middle of the night?......Why not just turn your recycling bin into a baby walker?! You can claim one free from the council and it even doubles up as a genuinely useful object. Not only does it keep the tree huggers happy when you fill it with your empty booze bottles BUT ALSO the missus happy when you're teaching the kid how to walk! Winner winner, chicken (pie) dinner. #dadhacks #lifehacks #parenthacks #firststeps #recycling #treehugger #winnerwinnerchickendinner #dad #lad #baby #ladbaby

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