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Lisa Belkin

Senior Columnist, The Huffington Post

Lisa Belkin is the Huffington Post’s Senior Columnist, reporting and opining on life, work and family.

She joined HuffPost in 2011 after a multi-decade stint at The New York Times, where she was variously a national correspondent (based in Houston), a medical reporter, a Contributing Writer for The New York Times Magazine (where her editors described her beat as “the social conscience of our times,” and where she coined the phrase “the Opt-Out revolution) and the creator of the Life’s Work column and the Motherlode blog (where reviewers called her “the next generation’s Anna Quindlen.”)

The author of three books -- “Life’s Work, Confessions of an Unbalanced Mom”, “Show Me A Hero,” and “First, Do No Harm” -- and the editor of two anthologies, Belkin was also the host of “Life’s Work with Lisa Belkin”, on XM Radio, as well as a regular contributor to Public Radio’s The Takeaway and NBC’s Today Show. A graduate of Princeton University, she has returned there as a visiting professor in the Humanities Council, teaching narrative non-fiction as an instrument of social change.

Her own personal life/work balance includes her husband, Bruce, her two sons (who are highly amused that anyone thinks she is a parenting “expert”) and her Wheaten terrier, Riley, (who thinks her is her third child.)
オリンピック選手を育てた母親から学べること P&G


オリンピック選手の母親に注目し始めたのは、かれこれ22年前のことだ。私自身が母になった時期に重なるのは偶然ではない。以前の私は、オリンピックを観るとき、選手に自分を重ねていた。(「重ねた」という表現は語弊がある。私は運動能力全般が低いのだけれど、彼らにまつわる逸話には釘付けだった) 表彰台に立つ選手を見ながら、カウチに寝ころんで考えた。彼らが考えていることは何だろう?何をしたからここまで到達できたのだろう?世界一になる意味とは何だろう?
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