2014年09月09日 21時56分 JST | 更新 2017年12月07日 07時20分 JST

'Boob Aid' Japanese Charity Breast Squeeze Is Pretty NSFW


Pair porn stars with charity work and it'll turn heads. Make it interactive, and it'll raise more than eyebrows.

Stop!AIDS, a charity in Japan which raises awareness of HIV and AIDS, holds a yearly event that puts Japanese porn stars in touch with their fans. But it's not a standard meet-and-greet. In exchange for a donation, participants can give the actresses a little squeeze.

The name of the live-streamed event, which ran for 24 hours on Aug. 30, translates loosely to "Boob Aid." Needless to say, images from the event contain nudity.

HIV and AIDS affects millions of people worldwide, including at least 2.1 million adolescents in 2012. Visit UNICEF to make a donation to help children living with AIDS.

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