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The tranforming powers of makeup indeed!... now I'm posting this for varied reasons. Too often I see women beating themselves up about not having perfect brows/lips/cheeks/skin etc. Tons of folk who know me say I have perfect skin, which is baws. I just have decent makeup skills to cover my skin. Right now I'm having fairly bad break outs due to stress, bad diet & neglect. I have acne scarred skin, I have spots, massive pours, I have skin colour irregularities due to my acne, i have old piercing scars, i have a non existant top lip, hobbit nose, my brows are thinning & I have rediculous combination skin with random patches of drynes

s which makes applying foundation a nightmare at times. I'm not saying I'm the worst when it comes to bad skin & facial features but I'm just showing you what good makeup can achieve... Hell, a good skin care routine could fix most of my issues but at the end of the day this doesn't fuss me... people get so embarassed & angry over bad skin & unloved facial parts but it's truly daft to. I'm human, you're human, give yourselves a break. I have no issues with my face being like this, i like my face as is... sure I'd love to not have as many break outs but it happens. Break outs can be unavoidable at times, just take care of yourself & your skin as best as you can & make the most of it. Screw the airbrushed models with no pores on their face, loads of factors attribute to better skin, so if you feel crappy about your skin then change your routine (or start one), eat better, hydrate yourself, invest in better products, persistance is key & if you're worried it's something more se

rious then go see a dermatologist who can diagnose & treat your problem. Don't get jealous of others, be happy in your own skin, it's the only one you have :) ....Unless you're Buffalo Bill... take his advice... IT PUTS THE LOTION ON ITS SKIN!!... if you want that glowing skin, it's all about the moisturising! ;) #skin #piercings #piercedgirls #gamergirls #septum #septumstacking #makeup #mua #motd #muotd #blenditbitch #expression #youtube #peabrain #cyber #alien #neon #breakout #life #beauty #thepowerofmakeup #transformation #transformationtuesday #health

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