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  • 大阪万国博覧会会場(大阪府) \n\n撮影日:1970年
  • The Tower Of The Sun At The Expo Of Japan In 1970
    The Tower Of The Sun At The Expo Of Japan In 1970
    Keystone-France via Getty Images
    JAPAN - MAY 06: Visitors to Expo\' 70 in Osaka view the 70 meters high Tower of the Sun which symbolises the dignity and unending progress of mankind with its two arms stretchs in welcome. (Photo by Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images)
  • 入場客でにぎわう会場内と「太陽の塔」(大阪府千里丘陵) \n\n撮影日:1970年
  • Bettmann via Getty Images
    (Original Caption) Osaka, Japan: View of the grounds of Expo \'70 showing Russian Pavilion (tall pointed structure at rear) and the Australian Pavilion (cantilevered building lower left).


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